Friday, June 25, 2010

How does this work?

I am hoping that someone can explain this to me. Since I am currently looking for a career in a new field, I have noticed how difficult such a change can be. In accounting as well as several other fields, one of the primary requirements is previous experience. Education is great, but having it seems to be only the first hurdle. Appearantly, there are quite a few industries in which you can only get a job if you already had that job to start with. Take florists, for example. I have NEVER seen a florist position offered that did not require previous experience as a florist. I fail to see how you get this experience if no one will hire you until you already have it!

It's like all the places that now won't hire you unless you already have a job, which means that you probably aren't really looking for a change of pace (especially in this rocky economy). Seriously, where has the common sense gone to??


Crystal said...

I am copying your typo here for posterity because it was too god not to save. LMAO!!

"It like all the places that now won't hore you unless you already have a job,"

Crystal said...

Too 'GOOD'... someone feed the typo demon!

An Educated Rabbit said...

Well, then here is hoping that my future employers will understand it was not some obscene freudian slip!

Sandi said...

You guys are too funny!

And to answer your question - many employers hiring for entry level positions will actually count education as some experience. They don't tell you this of course, you have to show them you've got what it takes and be all ballsy during the interview.

Side note: I once asked a florist how one becomes a florist... apparently you become a florist through BEING a florist...hmmm...