Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No New Years Resolutions!

Lots of people make New Years resolutions.  Unfortunately, lots of people also forget about them by the 5th of January. Because of this reason, I am not overly fond of them. A resolution should be about a fresh start or change (which is why making them on New Years is so popular). Sadly, most do it merely as symbolic gesture rather than because they are genuinely driven to make change. After all, if the change was that important, why put it off to the beginning of the next year, when today (whenever that would be) is just as good a time to start?

For this reason, I am not making a New Year Resolution, but several Lifetime resolutions. Which go into effect TODAY!

...which just happens to be New Years Day, but we are not paying that any attention.

I am committing myself to improving my education, and will, by whatever you consider holy and high water, complete my Bachelors degree in the next 365 days.

I will improve my work environment and productivity, and will increase my yearly income by no less than $5,000.

I will improve my (currently nonexistant) fitness regime, by walking a minimum of 150 miles this year and adding in an additional fitness activity at some point (Specifics are yet to be determined).

I will improve my diet and reduce my average blood sugar by 50 points by the end of the year, possibly including a reduction in the required medicine needed to do so as well.

I will work with my better half to ensure the success of the goals we set together for her (she can post said goals if, where, and when she wishes).

That being said, there are somethings that I cannot promise.

I will not guarantee regular updates on my progress other then to note that I will be on top of my progress. I am not a good poster, so while I hope to keep this up with both my usual innanity and new motivational stuff, it is not a priority.

Happy New Year! Here's to kicking 2013 in the..... well, you know.