Friday, February 1, 2013

Update #1


I guess its a good thing that I didn't promise any kind of regular update. But, progress is being made.

On the work front, I have revamped my resume and added additional tools such as networking cards, courtesy of I have located several possibilities, and have reach out accordingly. In the meantime, I have actually leveraged the small network I have for the moment and have built a small army of job seekers in my name. Also, with tax season stepping into full swing, I have had no shortages of opportunities to make the most of the new year.

The health side is suffering for the moment, however. I still have not had a chance to get to the doctor about the chest pains that I was having at my last job, which is something I want to get checked out. Also, with the endless stream of open to close shift at the tax office, the Mrs. and I have not gove on our daily walks in over a week. I especially miss those. Not only was the exercise generally envigorating, but the conversations were wonderful and we have always generally considered it to be a strong bonding time for us. That, and the Red-header step child (read as puppy) could use a bit of exercise as well.

Also, I have finally managed to flesh out and create a fully functional home budget, which despite my financial education, has always been a challenge for me. But with a template used by a co-worker gave me just enough for me to use my own Excel knowledge and whip out a marvelous (if I don't say so myself) spreadsheet that will not onle make sure I stay on track but provide an excellent break-down of exactly where the money is going. Also, the creation process itself highlighted several areas that we can make adjustments and save even more.

There is more to tell, but the rest will have to make itself clear on another day. When that day will be is a mystery to us all, but know that it will come. Good night!